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Takashi Ishida
石田 隆

I am a Research Scientist with the Imperfect Information Learning Team at RIKEN AIP. Additionally, I am a Lecturer at The University of Tokyo, co-running Machine Learning and Statistical Data Analysis Lab (Sugiyama-Yokoya-Ishida Lab). My interest lies in machine learning, e.g., I have previously worked on weakly supervised learning (such as complementary-label learning), methods to effectively train neural nets (such as flooding), and estimating the upper bound of prediction performance (such as Bayes error estimation).

I earned my PhD from the University of Tokyo in 2021, advised by Prof. Masashi Sugiyama. During my PhD, I completed an Applied Scientist internship at and was fortunate to become a PhD Fellow at Google and a Research Fellow at JSPS (DC2). Prior to that, I spent some years in the finance industry, and I was an Assistant Manager at Sumitomo Mitsui DS Asset Management. I received the MSc from the University of Tokyo in 2017 and the Bachelor of Economics from Keio University in 2013.

Email: ishi at k.u-tokyo dot ac dot jp
Links: Github, X (@tksii), Google Scholar, Japanese page (researchmap)

I am no longer accepting master and PhD students at the Department of Complexity Science and Engineering and the Department of Computer Science. (I continue to jointly accept master students with Prof. Sugiyama at the department of Computer Science.)


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